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Doctor Doom Chronology Part 1

Doctor Doom Chronology Part 1

Doctor Doom Chronology Part 1

HASH: c036c5edeb284574298a581676a47291158905a1

*Doctor Doom Chronology Part 1.rar

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/001 Fantastic Four 005.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/002 Fantastic Four 006.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/003 Fantastic Four 010.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/004 Fantastic Four 016.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/005 Fantastic Four 017.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/006 Amazing Spider-Man 005.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/007 Fantastic Four 023.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/008 Fantastic Four Annual 002.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/009 Fantastic Four 039.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/010 Fantastic Four 040.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/011 Fantastic Four 043.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/012 Fantastic Four Annual 003.cbz

+001 Introducing Doctor Doom/013 Avengers 025.cbz

+002 Doomsday/Fantastic Four 056.cbz

+002 Doomsday/Fantastic Four 057.cbz

+002 Doomsday/Fantastic Four 058.cbz

+002 Doomsday/Fantastic Four 059.cbz

+002 Doomsday/Fantastic Four 060.cbz

+003 Unnamed/001 Daredevil v1 036.cbr

+003 Unnamed/002 Daredevil v1 037.cbr

+003 Unnamed/003 Daredevil v1 038.cbr

+003 Unnamed/004 Fantastic Four 073.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 160.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 161.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 162.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 163.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 164.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 165.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 166.cbz

+004 Strange Tales/Strange Tales 167.cbz

+005 Unnamed/001 Marvel Super-Heroes v2 20.cbr

+005 Unnamed/002 Fantastic Four 084.cbz

+005 Unnamed/003 Fantastic Four 085.cbz

+005 Unnamed/004 Fantastic Four 086.cbz

+005 Unnamed/005 Fantastic Four 087.cbz

+005 Unnamed/006 Sub-Mariner 20.cbr

+005 Unnamed/007 Captain America 131.cbz

+005 Unnamed/008 Captain America 132.cbz

+006 Doomsman/Astonishing Tales v1 001.cbr

+006 Doomsman/Astonishing Tales v1 002.cbr

+006 Doomsman/Astonishing Tales v1 003.cbr

+006 Doomsman/Astonishing Tales v1 004.cbr

+006 Doomsman/Astonishing Tales v1 005.cbr

+007 Unnamed/001 Hulk 143.cbz

+007 Unnamed/002 Hulk 144.cbz

+007 Unnamed/003 Astonishing Tales v1 006.cbr

+007 Unnamed/004 Astonishing Tales v1 007.cbr

+007 Unnamed/005 Astonishing Tales v1 008.cbr

+007 Unnamed/006 Fantastic Four 116.cbz

+008 Doomsmasque/Sub-Mariner 47.cbr

+008 Doomsmasque/Sub-Mariner 48.cbr

+008 Doomsmasque/Sub-Mariner 49.cbr

+009 Unnamed/001 The Mighty Thor v1 182.cbr

+009 Unnamed/002 The Mighty Thor v1 183.cbr

+009 Unnamed/003 Hulk 155.cbz

+009 Unnamed/004 Hero For Hire v1 008.cbr

+009 Unnamed/005 Hero For Hire v1 009.cbr

+009 Unnamed/006 Avengers 118.cbz

+009 Unnamed/007 Fantastic Four 141.cbz

+009 Unnamed/008 Fantastic Four 142.cbz

+009 Unnamed/009 Fantastic Four 143.cbz

+009 Unnamed/010 Fantastic Four 144.cbz

+009 Unnamed/011 Iron Man v1 074.cbz

+009 Unnamed/012 Giant-Size Super Villain Team-Up 01.cbr

+009 Unnamed/013 Fantastic Four 155.cbz

+009 Unnamed/014 Fantastic Four 156.cbz

+009 Unnamed/015 Fantastic Four 157.cbz

+009 Unnamed/016 Iron Man v1 102.cbz

+010 Dark Alliance/001 Giant-Size Super Villain Team-Up 02.cbr

+010 Dark Alliance/002 Super Villain Team-Up 01.cbr

+010 Dark Alliance/003 Super Villain Team-Up 02.cbr

+010 Dark Alliance/004 Super Villain Team-Up 03.cbr

+010 Dark Alliance/005 Super Villain Team-Up 04.cbr

+011 Past Gone Mad/Marvel Team-Up 042.cbr

+011 Past Gone Mad/Marvel Team-Up 043.cbr

+011 Past Gone Mad/Marvel Team-Up 044.cbr

+012 Betrayal/Super Villain Team-Up 05.cbr

+012 Betrayal/Super Villain Team-Up 06.cbr

+012 Betrayal/Super Villain Team-Up 07.cbr

+012 Betrayal/Super Villain Team-Up 08.cbr

+013 Attuma/001 Super Villain Team-Up 09.cbr

+013 Attuma/002 Avengers 155.cbz

+013 Attuma/003 Avengers 156.cbz

+014 Red Skull/Super Villain Team-Up 10.cbr

+014 Red Skull/Super Villain Team-Up 11.cbr

+014 Red Skull/Super Villain Team-Up 12.cbr

+014 Red Skull/Super Villain Team-Up 13.cbr

+015 Unnamed/001 Super Villain Team-Up 14.cbr

+015 Unnamed/002 Champions 16.cbr

+015 Unnamed/003 Master of Kung Fu 059.cbr

+015 Unnamed/004 Master of Kung Fu 060.cbr

+015 Unnamed/005 The Mighty Thor v1 271.cbr

+015 Unnamed/006 Marvel Comics Super Special 01.cbr

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 192.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 193.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 195.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 196.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 197.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 198.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 199.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four 200.cbz

+016 Invincible Man - The Fall of Doctor Doom/Fantastic Four Annual 015.cbz

+017 Unnamed/001 Amazing Spider-Man v1 Annual 14.cbz

+017 Unnamed/002 Invaders v1 32.cbz

+017 Unnamed/003 Invaders v1 33.cbz

+018 X-Men Kidnapped/Uncanny X-Men #145.cbr

+018 X-Men Kidnapped/Uncanny X-Men #146.cbr

+018 X-Men Kidnapped/Uncanny X-Men #147.cbr

+019 Unnamed/001 Dazzler #003.cbr

+019 Unnamed/002 Dazzler #004.cbr

+019 Unnamed/003 Iron Man v1 149.cbr

+019 Unnamed/004 Iron Man v1 150.cbr

+019 Unnamed/005 Fantastic Four 236.cbz

+019 Unnamed/006 Fantastic Four 237.cbz

+019 Unnamed/007 Micronauts v1 41.cbr

+019 Unnamed/008 Fantastic Four 246.cbz

+019 Unnamed/009 Fantastic Four 247.cbz

+019 Unnamed/010 Dr. Strange v2 #57.cbz

+019 Unnamed/011 Marvel Two-in-One 096.cbr

+019 Unnamed/012 Fantastic Four 258.cbz

+019 Unnamed/013 Fantastic Four 259.cbz

+019 Unnamed/014 Fantastic Four 260.cbz

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 01.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 02.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 03.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 04.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 05.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 06.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 07.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 08.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 09.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 10.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 11.cbr

+020 Secret Wars/Secret Wars I 12.cbr

+021 Unnamed/001 Fantastic Four 287.cbz

+021 Unnamed/002 Fantastic Four 288.cbz

+021 Unnamed/003 Marvel Graphic Novel 27 - Emperor Doom.cbr

+021 Unnamed/004 Cloak and Dagger v2 09.cbr

+021 Unnamed/005 Cloak and Dagger v2 10.cbr

+022 Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men/Fantastic Four & X-Men v1 #01.cbr

+022 Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men/Fantastic Four & X-Men v1 #02.cbr

+022 Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men/Fantastic Four & X-Men v1 #03.cbr

+022 Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men/Fantastic Four & X-Men v1 #04.cbr

+023 Unnamed/001 Fantastic Four 300.cbz

+023 Unnamed/002 Fantastic Four 305.cbz

+023 Unnamed/003 Fantastic Four Annual 020.cbz

+023 Unnamed/004 X-Factor Annual 04.cbr

+023 Unnamed/005 Fantastic Four 311.cbz

+023 Unnamed/006 Fantastic Four 312.cbz

+023 Unnamed/007 The Mighty Thor v1 383.cbr

+023 Unnamed/008 Damage Control 02.cbz

+024 Secret Wars III/001 Fantastic Four Annual 021.cbz

+024 Secret Wars III/002 Fantastic Four 318.cbz

+024 Secret Wars III/003 Fantastic Four 319.cbz

+024 Secret Wars III/004 Silver Surfer v3 016.cbz

+025 Unnamed/001 Hulk 349.cbz

+025 Unnamed/002 Fantastic Four 320.cbz

+025 Unnamed/003 Hulk 350.cbz

+025 Unnamed/004 Marvel Fanfare v1 44.cbr

+025 Unnamed/005 Iron Man v1 249.cbr

+025 Unnamed/006 Iron Man v1 250.cbr

+025 Unnamed/007 The Mighty Thor v1 409.cbr

+025 Unnamed/008 The Mighty Thor v1 410.cbr

+025 Unnamed/009 Avengers Annual 019.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/001 Mutant Misadventures Of Cloak And Dagger 09.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/002 Hulk 363.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/003 War Journal 012.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/004 War Journal 013.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/005 Spectacular Spider-Man v1 158.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/006 Web of Spider-Man #059.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/007 Spectacular Spider-Man v1 159.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/008 Amazing Spider-Man 327.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/009 Wolverine v2 #019.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/010 Avengers 311.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/011 Fantastic Four 334.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/012 Captain America 365.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/013 Web of Spider-Man #060.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/014 Captain America 366.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/015 Avengers 312.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/016 Punisher v2 028.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/017 Punisher v2 029.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/018 Daredevil v1 275.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/019 Power Pack v1 53.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/020 Spectacular Spider-Man v1 160.cbr

+026 Acts of Vengeance/021 Fantastic Four 336.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/022 Web of Spider-Man #061.cbz

+026 Acts of Vengeance/023 Avengers 313.cbz

+027 Unnamed/001 Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger 12.cbr

+027 Unnamed/002 Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger 013.cbr

+027 Unnamed/003 Marvel Comics Presents 048.cbr

+027 Unnamed/004 Fantastic Four Annual 023.cbz

+027 Unnamed/005 Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular 001.cbr

+027 Unnamed/006 Alpha Flight v1 090.cbr

+027 Unnamed/007 Alpha Flight v1 091.cbr

+027 Unnamed/008 Avengers 331.cbz

+028 Limbo/Excalibur v1 #037.cbz

+028 Limbo/Excalibur v1 #038.cbz

+028 Limbo/Excalibur v1 #039.cbr

+028 Limbo/Marvel Super-Heroes v3 08.cbr

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